FAA 8 hour Wildlife Hazard Management and Identification Training @ LEX
Blue Grass Airport, 400 Terminal Dr, Lexington, KY 40510
Date Mar 25th, 2020
Time 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Registration Deadline Mar 25th, 2020
Registration Price $175.00
Register Online

Loomacres Wildlife Management will be offering a Wildlife Hazard Management and Wildlife Identification training course that is required by the FAA and the USFWS. The course will be taught by an FAA Qualified Wildlife Biologist. This unique course meets the requirements of 139.337(f) (7) (a-d) outlined in AC No: 150/5200-36. The course will also include live-fire firearms handling and safety training. The Cost will be $125/person. Course participation is limited to airport staff.

Topics Covered
  • Mammal Identification
  • All Required FAA Curriculum
  • Trapping Techniques
  • Bird Identification
  • All Required USFWS Curriculum
  • Avian Biology
  • Control Techniques
  • Strike Reporting
  • Liability Concerns
  • Wildlife Hazard Management
  • Harrassment Techniques
  • Pyrotechnics Handling and Safety
  • Wildlife Hazard Assessments
  • Wildlife Management Plans
  • State Regulations
  • Federal Regulations