Wildlife Hazard Project Evaluations to Reduce Airport Wildlife Hazards

Construction projects on airfields can attract hazardous wildlife into the area. During construction, a variety of wildlife species can be attracted to areas of exposed soil, increasing the potential risk of a bird striking an aircraft. Construction projects can also overlook the potential development of attracting habitats, such as: perching and roosting locations, nesting habitats, food sources, wetland habitats and the creation of cover. Loomacres Wildlife Management offers a variety of services that can help prevent and mitigate the creation of attracting habitats prior to their development.


Development plans can overlook the attractiveness vegetation, buildings and structures pose to various wildlife species. In an effort to reduce wildlife hazards at airports, Loomacres Biologists will review projects and suggest mitigation efforts before, during and after, all phases of construction and property development. Evaluations identify all aspects of a project for food sources, perching and roosting locations, and vegetation and water management; and ensure projects are in compliance with FAA Regulations for mitigating wildlife. Loomacres Biologists provide a comprehensive review of any construction project for wildlife attractants and make recommendations that can reduce overall wildlife attractiveness.




Project Evaluation Services Include:


Site Visit Investigations
Analysis of proposed construction site before, during and after construction activities for wildlife and attracting habitats.


Construction Plan Assessments

Analysis of proposed construction plans. Identifying all potential wildlife attractants.

Vegetation Suggestions

Analysis of all proposed vegetation for future projects for wildlife attractiveness. Suggest alternative plantings that are less attracting without compromising overall aesthetics.

Water Management

Oversee all water management proposal before, during and after construction activities. Ensure no new wildlife attracting habitats are created. Offer alternative mitigation methods to reduce attractiveness of potential water management basins.

Wildlife Deterrents

Identify all wildlife perches and loafing locations. Offer several methods to deter wildlife from perching on newly constructed structures.

Ensure FAA Regulation Compliance

Evaluate all potential construction activities for compliance with FAA Part 139.337 regulations in mitigating wildlife hazards on and near commercial airports.


Loomacres offers several levels of evaluation from simple plan overview to on-site monitoring and mitigation. Contact Cody Baciuska, Airport Wildlife Biologist, to discuss how Loomacres can help evaluate future construction plans at your airport. For more information about planning construction activities with Airport Wildlife Hazards in mind please click here. https://www.airportwildlife.com/PlanningConstructionDevelopmentActivities.php