Kristin Baciuska

President and Co-Founder

Kristin has a diverse background in the biological sciences to include fisheries and wildlife, wetlands and plant science. Kristin has conducted several FAA approved Wildlife Hazard Assessments throughout the US and has conducted numerous airport related research studies. Kristin holds a Master’s of Science degree in Biology and has completed a FAA grant funded research project titled "Native and Naturalized Grasses Suitable for use on Airports Managed for Wildlife". Kristin has presented her research and experiences at numerous venues including the USA/Canada Bird Strike Conferences, Wildlife Damage Management Conference, and several AAAE and State Aviation Association Conferences. Kristin's research in the plant sciences has made her a valuable asset to our company in her ability to assess both vegetation and habitat on and around airports. Kristin is confident in her ability to make vegetation management and planting recommendations to airfields across the United States. In addition to her graduate work, Kristin has taken numerous continuing education credits in the wetland sciences at Rutgers University and is a certified wetland delineator as well as a Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator. Kristin's previous employers include USDA Wildlife Services and several landscape architects. Kristin does not stay still for long and enjoys spending time with her two boys, skiing, hiking, camping, traveling, shooting, mountain biking, basketball, softball, fishing, gardening and playing with her boxer dog.



Cody Baciuska

Vice President and Co-Founder

Cody was the first private sector biologist qualified by the FAA to perform wildlife hazard management services to airports. Cody has conducted Wildlife Hazard Assessments, developed Wildlife Hazard Management Plans, and has conducted numerous airport related research studies. Cody has provided wildlife hazard mitigation for some of the largest airports in the United States; including John F. Kennedy International Airport, Nashville International Airport and LaGuardia International Airport. In addition to being a FAA qualified Airport Wildlife Biologist, Cody is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, the Wildlife Society and is the current president of the NYS Wildlife Management Association. In addition, Cody is a certified National Rifle Association firearms instructor. Cody's interests include gardening, bird watching, cooking, shooting, hunting and camping.

Mat Natali

Airport Wildlife Biologist

Mat Natali obtained a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009, where he was active with the university's Birding and Ornithology Club. Before joining Loomacres, Mat worked as a field technician conducting bird and bat mortality surveys on Pennsylvania wind farms. Other field work includes nest monitoring and conducting point-count surveys in mature deciduous forest. Mat also gained experience in animal husbandry and handling birds as a volunteer and intern at the National Aviary. Over the years, Mat has honed his skills of identifying birds by sight and sound. As part of the Loomacres team, Mat has become familiar with airport security procedures and driving on airports, as well as adept in training airport personnel on Bird Identification and Wildlife Hazard Management. Mat also enjoys hockey, hiking, birding, reading, and playing the piano poorly.

Jesse Warner

Wildlife Biologist

A native of northern New York State, Jesse Warner was raised in the outdoors while hunting and fishing along the Eastern Shore of Lake Ontario. Using his knowledge of the outdoors, Jesse pursued a career in Wildlife Management, which was kicked off by studying towards a Wildlife Science degree from Paul Smith’s College, where he was President of the school’s Fish and Game Club. After leaving college in 2012, Jesse began working for the New York Department of Environmental Conservation as a wildlife technician surveying bird and furbearer populations between Lake Ontario and the Adirondack Mountains. Taking off a season from the DEC to work as a fisheries technician in Idaho, Jesse returned to the empire state to continue his work with the DEC, surveying and banding water and upland birds, while also continuing to survey Fisher populations in the Adirondacks. With Loomacres, Jesse is continuing to survey wildlife while becoming familiar with Airport Wildlife Management techniques and procedures. Favorite hobbies include: Hunting, fishing, making game calls, archery and bird watching.