Airport Turf and Seeding Consultation

Loomacres can provide you with seeding recommendations and can create custom turf mixes for airports throughout the US. Ideally, vegetation used on airfields must be aesthetically pleasing, tolerant of drought and vehicle traffic, unattractive to wildlife and low-maintenance.


Loomacres Inc. staff has conducted several research studies involving airport grass management. As not all grass species grow in all areas of the country it is important to make a wise choice when selecting a grass species or mix for reseeding to ensure success. After identifying the specific growing conditions present on your airfield and the specific wildlife issues that your airport faces our team can then assist your airport in selecting a custom turf species/mix suitable for your specific airfield.  Loomacres Inc. prefers to utilize native grasses that have an advantage, in that they are obviously adapted to the local conditions and are not likely to become invasive. Many native grasses are low growing and deep rooted and therefore have less water requirements giving them the ability to create a low maintenance, stress tolerant and long lasting stand.






As travel and the need for airport expansion increases, wildlife populations expand and with maintenance budgets being lowered, airport managers are starting to consider including native grass species suitable for their region in their re-vegetation plans. Please feel free to contact Loomacres Inc. for more information on our airport turf consulting services.