Wildlife Hazard Assessments

Loomacres Wildlife Management has trained wildlife biologists specialized in conducting FAA approved Wildlife Hazard Assessments. Our assessments contain a year-long ecological survey of all hazardous wildlife species and attractants that are present on and around the airfield. Our Wildlife Hazard Assessments survey all hazard wildlife attractants on and around the airfield within the separation distances designated by the FAA.


In addition, our Wildlife Hazard Assessments analyzes the history of wildlife strikes that have accrued at the airport for seasonal, temporal and diurnal trends. Identifying any trends in previous strikes can aid in development of a mitigation plan that is custom to the specific wildlife hazards at an airport.


By integrating a habitat-up approach into our Wildlife Hazard Assessments, Loomacres Wildlife Management can insure that all hazardous wildlife attractants are identified. Loomacres Wildlife Management identifies all major wildlife attractants surrounding an airfield and initiates an open-line of communication with off-airport land owners discussing the potential risks associated with wildlife and aircraft movements.


All of our Wildlife Hazard Assessments have been approved by the FAA. Here at Loomacres Wildlife Management, we can guarantee with confidence to deliver a FAA approved Wildlife Hazard Assessment.


Wildlife Hazard Assessments in Accordance with Part 139 Requirements.pdf

FAA Wildlife Hazard Mitigation