Waterfowl Management Services

An overabundance of wildlife on reservoirs can create issues with water quality and bank integrity. To help assist reservoir managers, Loomacres Wildlife Management offers services to assist in reducing nuisance wildlife. Loomacres services include:


Goose roundups


During the summer months, all waterfowl species molt their flight feathers, rendering them unable to fly. At this time, flocks of resident Canada geese can congregate in large numbers on water supply reservoirs, increasing the fecal coliform counts in the water. Loomacres is available to assist with the removal of Canada geese. Round ups can help reduce the local population of Canada geese and aim to keep local populations low in the future.





Canada goose nest searching


Canada geese will often seek out nesting sites at/near large open water sources. Canada geese are capable of producing between 6-12 eggs in a single breeding season. Loomacres can perform nest searching and egg oiling/addling treatments to manage local Canada goose populations.


Harassment contracts, long or short term, full time or part time


Loomacres can provide direct wildlife mitigation on reservoirs and lakes. Contracts can be either short or long term to prevent the congregation of nuisance wildlife on a reservoir. Loomacres staff can conduct harassment on both land and water during any season. All staff are trained in boater safety. Loomacres can provide the necessary staff and equipment to cover any size reservoir. Staff can conduct surveys, harassment, install exclusion devices and recommend/carry out habitat modifications. Routine monitoring on the reservoir can demonstrate the effectiveness of wildlife management programs.


Site visits and management recommendations


Loomacres employees are qualified to conduct assessments of properties dealing with waterfowl overpopulation and disease exposure. Site visits are done to assess wildlife nuisances that occur, and determine the best management practice to alleviate the issue.  Site visits can vary in length, depending on the season. For the best results, multiple visits are required to monitor the fluctuation of nuisance wildlife throughout the year.










Firearm, Pyrotechnic and Wildlife Management Education


Loomacres has qualified staff to educate landowners on the safety of operating many wildlife management devices. Classes can instruct landowners on means of reducing the attractiveness of their property or water bodies to waterfowl and other nuisance wildlife.


Help obtain permits


In most cases, waterfowl management activities will require federal and state permits to be able to lethally control nuisance wildlife species. Migratory birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and require a federal permit issued by the USFWS prior to any use of lethal control. Many species of wildlife are protected by state game laws and also require a permit prior to lethal control.  The use of certain exploding pyrotechnics used for wildlife harassment requires permits and storage requirements. Loomacres can AID  clients IN OBTAINING any type of PERMIT they may require to conduct wildlife management on their property.


Install exclusion devices and barriers


Loomacres can install exclusion devices for landowners in areas where waterfowl are becoming a nuisance. Exclusion devices can prevent wildlife from utilizing open water or causing damage to banks and shorelines. Examples of exclusion devices include but ARE not limited to: bird balls, spike strips, fences and netting.


Equipment sales


Loomacres offers of wildlife management equipment to aid landowners in harassing or deterring geese and other waterfowl from their property. These items include but are not limited to: pyrotechnics, lasers, paint-ball markers, and grid netting. For a full list of equipment and other helpful devices please visit at www.WildlifeMS.com.



You can also contact Cody Baciuska, at Cody@Loomacres.com to answer any questions you may have.