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Non-lethal Management Techniques

Effective non-lethal harassment techniques implement a variety of “threat” strategies. Management techniques convey a sense of fear to a nuisance animal, prompting it to leave a certain location. Methods of harassment use a variety of auditory and visual scaring devices including:


- Pyrotechnics

- Effigies

- Propane cannons

- Lasers

- Auditory distress calls.

These techniques are effective, but can lose their strength when they are not reinforced with lethal control. Nuisance animals can become accustom to the noises or visual deterrents.


Border Collies as a Management Tool


A new approach using border collies is an effective abatement method that conveys a “real predator” situation for nuisance wildlife. Border collies provide an excellent management technique that incorporates auditory and visual threats to scare nuisance wildlife from an area.



Border collies are a breed of domestic dog known for their ability to herd animals. Trained collies can be used to mimic natural predators, such as the coyote (Canis latrans), which employ an encircling strategy prior to a depredation attempt.


Loomacres’ trained collies will mimic natural depredation behaviors. Commanding the collies to first encircle the nuisance species and then rushing to flush the animal from the area.

Management Locations


Border collies can be used as a nuisance wildlife management tool in a variety of settings, including:


- Golf courses

- Airports

- Cemeteries

- Parks

- Parking lots

- Agricultural fields

- Ponds and beaches


Manageable Species


Loomacres’ trained border collies can help manage a variety of species:


Canada geese (Branta canadensis) and other waterfowl

- Vultures

- Blackbirds

- Pigeons and doves

- Other flocking birds


To ensure that nuisance species are “threatened” by a natural predator, Loomacres’ staff visits the location at varying times of day, continually over a time period. This creates the presence of predators at target locations, in which nuisance wildlife will soon seek out safer locations to feed and loaf.




Border collies as an abatement method are a harassment technique that does not require the acquisition of a federal depredation permit for migratory birds. Migratory birds can be scared and harassed year round, as long as no harm is done to the birds or no nests become abandoned.

Border collies used by Loomacres Wildlife Management staff are specially trained to only scare and not injure any wildlife. Loomacres staff understands the biology of the nuisance species and aims to mitigate nuisance problems prior to nesting seasons, as to not cause any migratory bird to abandon their nests.


By: Shawn Ferdinand, Loomacres Wildlife Management
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