Fish Hatcheries


Loomacres Wildlife Management provides a range of management options to mitigate depredations at fish hatcheries. While completely excluding access to hatchery ponds using fencing and netting is the most effective means of minimizing predation, this option is often not practical for many hatcheries. In such situations, Loomacres offers a management plan that integrates a suite of tools and techniques to exclude, deter, and remove predatory wildlife from the hatchery environment. Installing grid wire systems excludes raptors and cormorants, while underwater fencing excludes fish from the shallow areas where herons feed. Mounting bird spikes on poles, fences, and other structures reduces the availability of perches for these and other avian predators. Nonlethal harassment using pyrotechnics, propane cannons, and other noisemaking instruments disperse birds from the area and discourage them from returning. Where appropriate and necessary, lethal removal of some individuals can be used to reinforce the effectiveness of pyrotechnic applications. Loomacres also offers trapping services to remove mammalian predators, such as otters and mink. It is this combination of tools and techniques, and the continual development of new methods, that allows for a successful pest management program.






Loomacres Wildlife Management