Deer Management


Approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as a humane form of euthanasia, sharpshooting to manage deer populations that are overabundant requires trained personnel to use a variety of techniques to maximize safety, discretion and efficiency. This method is often implemented in suburban and urban settings with access to both public and private lands. Typically, all meat harvested is donated to area food shelters for distribution.

Managed Hunts 
As an expansion of legally regulated hunting methods, managed hunts can be successful. Using vetted and trained hunters to manage deer populations that are overabundant may require state agency and law enforcement involvement to assist with a variety of issues. Archery is a discreet removal technique, however, lower success rates because of limited shooting ranges may require a longer time frame of operation. Firearms, when feasible, can be used to maximize the efficiency (number of deer harvested/program duration).  We are presently evaluating the relative increase in harvest potential through the professional training of hunt participants.  We strongly believe that hunters can significantly improve their ability to humanely harvest more deer in developed environments with additional knowledge that has been accrued through decades of professional deer management projects.







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