BASH/Military Wildlife Documents

Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard Documents


AFMAN 91-201

AFMAN 91-201 is the umbrella regulations for any/all explosive material used, or stored, at any USAF facility.  This document covers rules, regulations, and restrictions, for explosives on bases.  Transportation, signage, and storage of pyrotechnics and ammunition used, when on base, for bird mitigation are covered by this document.

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AFI 91-301

AFI 91-301 or Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire Protection, and Health Program is the regulatory instructions for all health and safety operations on a USAF facility.  As a private, or civilian organization, this document instructs on compliance to all health and safety provisions.  This program is under the oversight of OSHA for compliance.


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AFI 13-213

Airfield driving is covered under this document.  All access to airfields are under the regulation of Airfield Management, AMOPS.  This AFI covers access to Controlled Movement Areas (CMA), airfield driving standards, and general airfield orientation.  All airfield driving is based on the acquisition of an airfield issued driver’s license from AMOPS.


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AFPAM 91-212

BASH is covered under this document.  Changes in BWC, authorized tools of use, and individuals authorized to work in bird mitigation are covered.  Both passive and active control methods are addressed.  The objective of this document is to achieve the best control methods as a blanket method.  BASH is a known issue on bases that can be managed to reduce the hazards.


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AFI 91-202

The mishap prevention program is in place to support a Safety Management System for all personnel, both civil and military.  The intent for this document is to ensure that a management system is in place to prevent risks, ensure compliance, and facilitate continued improvements in the safety programs.  As this covers the potential risks to personnel and property, BASH plans are monitored via the authority in this document.


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