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Loomacres Wildlife Management and Students work to increase aviation safety by developing training aids for airport employees.
Jun 02nd, 2011

Press Release - Dec 14, 2010 - Since 2005, Loomacres Wildlife Management has been working with College students in NY to make aviation safer. Cody Baciuska, a biologist with Loomacres has been working with students enrolled at several State University of New York campuses including the SUNY Cobleskill Wildlife Management program to preserve bird and insect specimens so that they can be used as training tools for airport staff in order to better identify animals present on airfields.

Loomacres Wildlife Management has long worked to reduce bird strikes at airports using strategies such as the removal of wildlife attractants and the use of deterrents such as pyrotechnics. Loomacres also educates airport employees about ways to reduce wildlife hazards, part of which involves learning to identify different wildlife species. This is where the SUNY students come in to play. By providing preserved specimens, the students are providing learning tools that can be used by airport employees to identify specific species up close, thereby allowing Loomacres to provide a species specific solution.

For more information on Loomacres work to manage wildlife at airports or to find out whether they might be able to partner with schools in your State, please contact Cody Baciuska, Wildlife Biologist at, or 607-760-9748, Cody L Baciuska Loomacres Wildlife Management PO Box 361 Warnerville, NY 12187