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Planes, plains and food chains—Bottom up management of airport ecosystems
Aug 07th, 2013

In general, airport properties encompass grassland, wetland, and managed turf habitat—all potentially attractive to wildlife. The goal of this FAA supported project was to evaluate several native plants against a conventional turf mix for degree of wildlife attraction or deterrence. In the spring of 2009 replicate 232 M2plots of turf species were hydro-seeded at three airports located in Central NY. Vegetation cover, insect sweeps, bird counts and fecal pellet counts were conducted at each plot. Mammals were monitored with motion detecting infrared cameras (deer and coyote) and Sherman traps (rodents). A second study investigated relationships between grass height and bird presence at five airports in the eastern US. Grass heights were categorized into a series of 10 cm groups and bird counts were conducted in point-count surveys.

98th Annual Meeting ESA 2013