Converting Pond to Stream Habitat on Airport Property via Dam Removal

A pond, located on airport property, which attracts significant numbers of waterfowl, poses a threat to aviation safety. We have proposed, in a plan to better manage airport property, an unused earthen dam on a pond be removed in an effort to return a creek to a more natural flow similar to pre-dam construction. Altering the hydrology of this pond, planting suitable vegetation, and monitoring the site afterwards will be necessary to obtain favorable results post dam removal. Properly modifying this habitat will likely decrease the potential for wildlife collisions with aircraft, as well as create diverse habitat for less hazardous wildlife (i.e. songbirds, and coldwater stream fish). On a project such as this Loomacres biologists will work with the airport, non-for-profit organizations, and research universities to manage property in an ecologically sustainable manner that will be advantageous to wildlife and the airport involved. For more information please contact Garrett Grilli, Wildlife Biologist