Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard - Support

As trained Wildlife Biologist, Loomacres personnel are qualified for, and able to, provide educated, professional recommendations for:


- Bird/wildlife hazard plan (Assists in updates on BASH Plan and provides recommendations for INRMP plans)


- Bird/wildlife hazard working group; provides a Wildlife Biologist, additional education resources; and presents findings related to observances.


- Strike reports; Loomacres personnel acquire remains, input report into AFSAS, and submit specimen to the Smithsonian for Identification.


- Acquisition of all local, state, and federal permits


- 24 hour emergency response


- Regular Loomacres biologist meetings to provide information on current wildlife situations




Site Visits


BASH Hazard Assessments


BASH Plan Development and Review


BASH Program Evaluations


Complete Program Implementation




Active Control