Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard - Site Visits


Generally our site visits are one day but may be extended depending on the needs of the base. Site visits provide an initial assessment of potential wildlife concerns on, or within proximity to, your airfield.


During this visit, a BASH Wildlife Biologist with a representative from your airfield, tours the base. This includes:


Perimeter fence survey: During this survey Loomacres Biologist will be looking for deficiencies in the fence line, areas of vegetation overgrowth, animal disturbance, and potential attractants.


Review of historical problem areas: During their visit loomacres personnel will make efforts to identify historically known issues.. These can range from local farms close by your location, to areas where water pools after a rainstorm.. By gathering this vital information recommendations for improvement can be issued based on our working experience.


Counts of all species observed during tour: Identification of species observed during our visit will provide a snap shot of the immediate problem species. Though not a comprehensive review of all species present, this will provide a basis for recommendations to alleviate hazards observed species are known to cause.


Habitat assessment and recommendations: During the survey personnel will observe vegetation types, overgrowth and maintained areas, potential roosting areas, and general condition of habitat. Key problem areas will be identified and recommendations will be provided on the best course of action for mitigation.


Site Visit Report and Recommendations: Based on all information gathered during our visit an official report will be provided from Loomacres Inc. This will contain all observations and findings, as well as recommendations and procedures for mitigation measures. We provide species specific information.


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