Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard - Hazard Assessments

Loomacres Wildlife Management is FAA certified to complete Hazard Assessments.  These assessments are created by gathering long term data over the course of a year.  We use:


- Onsite and offsite surveys – 6 per month for 12 months:

Gathering of survey data will be conducted over a 12 month period, This will allow loomacres to account for change of seasons, migration, and long term trends. Both onsite and offsite surveys will be utilized to gain the most complete picture of activities at your location. Loomacres personnel will identify potential attractive sites, local hotspots, and areas near flight activities for survey locations. Once identified they will survey the locations at dawn, mid-morning, afternoon, and dusk for birds. Additionally, 2 night surveys focusing on the perimeter will be conducted searching for mammals



Insect surveys will be conducted seasonally, and owl surveys will also be conducted monthly to gain a complete picture of wildlife at your location. Each month these surveys will be completed producing a monthly report summarizing the findings and work conducted during the month.



At the end of the 12 month period a hazard assessment will be produced based on the observances during surveys.


- Habitat assessment


- Surveys; insect, mammal, and avian




Site Visits


BASH Hazard Assessments


BASH Plan Development and Review


BASH Program Evaluations


Complete Program Implementation




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