Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard


Historical birdstrikes emphasize the need for active management at these facilities.


22 Sept 1995; USAF E-3 AWACS; Elmendorf AFB; On takeoff the aircraft struck a flock of geese; all 24 occupants were killed.


14 July 1996; NATO E-3 AWACS; Aktion, Greece; on takeoff the aircraft struck a flock of birds; aircraft was totaled.


15 July 1996; Belgian Air Force Lockheed C-130; Eindhoven, Netherlands; on approach aircraft struck a flock of birds 34 of 41 occupants killed.


Loomacres Wildlife Management personnel offer a wide range of services to assist the Safety Department and Base Operations to mitigate wildlife concerns. These include:


Site Visits


BASH Hazard Assessments


BASH Plan Development and Review


BASH Program Evaluations


Complete Program Implementation




Active Control